Short Term Rental Management Services:
… want to own an Investment Property, but don’t have any interest in the Hospitality Industry?
… want to have a Mountain lifestyle property that virtually pays for itself?

What’s Included?

  • Advertising Galore: We advertise all over the freaking place!  We don’t stop at just AirBNB and VRBO.  
  • Direct Booking: This one is more important than most Owners realize. When a Guest books online through AirBNB/VRBO, 14% of Owner Revenue is sent off to those companies to pay for their services.  We do everything we can to encourage Guests to Book Direct.
  • Photography: Professional Photography, Virtual Tour, Interactive Floor Plans
  • Unit Staging:  Make the unit look nice and inviting *before* the photographer arrives, and every day after that. 
  • Guest Management:
    • All Guest Correspondence. The calls.  The emails.  Negotiating of Check In Times. Answering questions about what kind of coffee maker the unit has.  Yeah … it’s a lot to manage!
    • We keep track of Green & Red Listed Guests. Green = GoodRed = Not So Good.
  • Bed/Bath Linen: No need to buy oodles of towels and sheets, and find a place to store it all. Clean Linen is included in our fees. Exception: HomeOwners are responsible for cost of linen that stays in the unit (blankets, pillows, mattress protectors, etc).  
  • Consumables: Toilet Paper, Tissue, Paper Towel, Toiletries, Laundry Supplies, Dishwashing Supplies, etc.  It’s a long list, and it’s included.   
  • On Call Services: When the Guest can’t figure out the Remote Control.  When a Coffee Carafe gets broken. When someone is lost, locked out, or otherwise needs assistance, we will be there.
  • Local Reservations Team: Real Humans who have actually been to the unit and area answer Guest Calls. The local touch has a huge impact on the Guest Experience.
  • Unit Specific Advertising: We don’t like the bait-and-switch thing (where a Guest sees a photo of a beautiful unit, then shows up to find out they were assigned the unit with the crappy view).  All of our Unit Photos and Listings are from the exact unit being rented.
  • Multiple Listings: We have access to a lot of Vacation Rental Inventory in each location.  So, when your unit has an unexpected emergency, we can usually find alternate accommodation for your Confirmed Guests. Heck, you can even decide that you want to use the unit personally, and we will find upgraded accommodation for the Guest.  
  •  Rate Management:
    • Customized Dynamic Rates
    • Rate Updates across all advertising sites
  • Basic Maintenance: Loose Towel Bars. TV Mounting. Audio/Visual Trouble Shooting. Internet Protocols. Clogged Drains. Waiting for the Cable Guy.  If the installation positively affects the experience for our Guests, it’s probably included.  If the repair was required as a result of the Guest, it’s probably included. 
  • Non Resident Tax Remittance: Not a resident of Canada? We help non-residents navigate the Non Resident Tax.
  • GST Agent: Did you know that you can save yourself the hassle of GST Remittances? We are authorized to be your GST Agent.  We remit everything on your behalf.
  • New Unit Set Up: We make new Unit Set Up look easy (only because we’ve done it so many times, so we know what we’re doing).
  • Professional Development: We attend many Vacation Rental Conferences per year (often as a Guest Speaker), and have professional memberships out the wazoo.  That’s a lot of knowledge and connections from which our clients benefit.  
  • Condo Meeting Report: We attend those on your behalf, and report back to you.
  • Bulk Orders/Discounts: If we find a deal on something, we will offer owners a Bulk Order. …. and we are really good at finding deals!
  • Applied Experience & Knowledge: When we learn a great lesson at one property, we implement the knowledge at all properties. 

We could go on and on and on, but it would be a long list of what our fees include. It is easier to list what isn’t included:

  • Major Maintenance: Things that require electricians and plumbers, significant renovation, or specialty equipment.
  • Ongoing Property Maintenance: Landscaping, Snow Removal, Furnace Maintenance — all the stuff you would need to do even if the property wasn’t being rented.  … but don’t worry.  You get a remarkable better rate than if you hired these vendors yourself. We have a vested interest in having your home well-maintained all the time.  Happy Guests; Happy Owners; it increase Property Values; we can employ Local Staff.  Everyone is happy.  
  • Furniture, Appliances, Some Linens: Your unit should be Fully Furnished.  We have great suppliers, and can probably find you great deals … but the expense itself belongs to you.

What will it cost you?
20-25% Booking Commission
$575-$1625 Annual Listing Fee (Varies by Size of Property, and selected optional services like Video Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, etc)
15% Mark Up on any Out-Of-Pocket purchases 

The Fine Print: The relationship between Home Owner and Vacation Rental Manager is like a marriage. Heck … we literally control access to your property, manage your Home Finances, and know when/where you go on vacation.  Does anything sound more like a Spouse? 

New Buyer Services: 
Are you buying an Investment Property in Canmore?
… We are the first to know if a Local Owner or Client wants to sell their existing Investment Property. Private Sales = No Real Estate Commission.
… We know which properties have more revenue potential than others.
… We buy so many properties that our Real Estate Professionals treat our clients really well. Even better than the already high level of standard to which they naturally hold themselves.

What’s Included?

  • Weekly Private Buyer Strategy Calls** (1 Hour)
  • Market Analysis for Canmore Short Term Investment Units (Limit of 5)
  • Access to Joint Venture Buyers.  This may not be of value to you if you have a lower budget, but want a nicer or bigger place.  We can connect you with another Client to pool your resources.
  • Up to 5 Property Viewings. This is especially valuable to Clients from afar. We can have you join the viewing via Video Chat. 
  • 15% Off Rental Rates. Cannot be combined with other offers, and does not apply to the Cleaning Fee.  Also valuable to Clients from Afar who will be visiting Canmore during their property search.  

**It’s difficult to summarize what takes place during a Strategy Call – each one is unique based on the needs of the Buyer. They tend to encompass choosing the right property; understanding taxation requirements; offer strategies; setting up utilities; Property Tax; Zoning; differences between various buildings or areas of Town.  We get to be your Local Expert to help you achieve the goal of owning a Lifestyle Property in Canmore.  The Strategy Calls are most valuable to people who want to learn everything they can, or people whose time is quite valuable (and they want to save time doing their own local research).

What will it cost you?
$3500 + 5% GST for a 6 Month Term

The Fine Print: Many Real Estate Agents will pay us for our New Buyer Services when we introduce them to a Qualified Buyer. So you could have access to these services for free (or highly subsidized). 

Seller Services: 
… We have a list of qualified Buyers to connect you to. 
… We can prepare a Market Analysis to  
… We buy so many properties that our Real Estate Professionals treat our clients really well. Even better than the already high level of standard to which they naturally hold themselves.

What’s Included?

  • Market Analysis for Prospective Buyers. Really handy to distribute to Potential Buyers of Short Term Investment Units.  Nothing sells a unit like showing a New Buyer the Potential Revenue.
  • Access to Private Buyers. Private Sales = No Real Estate Commission. 
  • Access to Maintenance Staff. All of those wee little repairs that you were putting off have now come due. Your Real Estate Agent will have a list of items they want taken care of to maximize the Sales Potential.    
  • Access to Cleaning Staff. Want it cleaned before a viewing? Need it cleaned for Closing Day?
  • Access to Concierge Staff: Someone has to pack up the Cable Box and Return it.  Someone has to pack up the Owner’s Closet. We are that “someone”.  

What will it cost you?
Free!! Market Analysis & Distribution to Private Buyers
$45/hour Cleaning Services
$75/hour Maintenance Services

The Fine Print: Many Real Estate Agents will pay us for our Seller Services when we introduce them to a Qualified Seller. So you could have access to these services for free (or highly subsidized). 

Emergency Cleaning/Concierge Services:
… When your Cleaner doesn’t show up (or you forgot to schedule a cleaning. Oops!).
… When your neighbour calls because 8 vehicles full of teenagers just pulled up to your unit with a sleeve of Red Solo Cups and a Beer Keg.
… When your Guests decided that FireWorks were a good idea in a residential area.
… When the AC isn’t working, and you need a carload of fans delivered PRONTO! Heck, we might even have spare fans to rent to you temporarily.
… When you need a Real Human to respond in person to a sticky situation, we will respond quickly and professionally.

What will it cost you?
$67.50/Hour Cleaning/Concierge
The Fine Print: If you need our Emergency Services more than once a month, hopefully you will consider letting us manage your unit.  Because you could be sitting on a beach drinking Mai Tais (or whatever strikes your fancy) while we magically take care of all of this.