Before Your Stay

One week prior to your stay, we will send you the Arrival Instructions. We recommend printing this information and keeping it with you for the entire duration of your stay. If you’d like it sent to you sooner, just ask.

 Why can’t I find the property address? What are you hiding?

That’s easy: we’re hiding the property address until one week prior to your stay. There are a few reasons we do this:

Many of our properties do not have staff on site (ie Front Desk).  Publishing a list of addresses next to a calendar of when the property is vacant is a big security issue.  ‘Nuff said. If you want to verify the property exists and that we have the right to rent it, we’d be happy to provide a list of organizations that will confirm that we are a business owner in good standing.

Many of our guests have booked a vacation rental because they value their privacy.  Privacy means not having other guests drive by the property, peer in the windows, or knock on the door. It is also quite bothersome to the neighbours in these communities to have strangers cruising the neighbourhood.  If you’d like to view one of our properties, we’d be happy to arrange a time to escort you when the property is vacant.

We spend a great deal of time speaking with our potential guests to make sure they are choosing the right property for their needs. Sometimes, this takes hours as we highlight every walking trail and restaurant in the area.  If a guest keeps asking us questions, we will keep answering them. Our reward for taking that time is received when you book with us.  Some of our properties can be booked via other sources. It has become too common for guests to spend all this time with us, then book the same property via another website.  This hurts our feelings, and our pocketbook.  We have even had guests book elsewhere, and then call us for more assistance because  A.) that other company doesn’t return their calls/emails once they’ve been paid or B.) the person taking the reservation doesn’t know the area well.  Don’t get us wrong, we love talking with you about this area we call home … but we also can’t continue to pay our staff to be complimentary travel agents to the world. If you want to check out the location, reviews, etc. of a property, we have a solution for that.

What do I need to bring?  Be prepared to bring your clothes and toiletry items, and then plan on a stop by the Grocery Store for food and beverages. Some properties will supply staple food items; others will not.  Some properties will supply paper goods (toilet paper, paper towel, etc); others will not. Some will supply liquid goods (shampoo, laundry detergent, etc)l others will not.  It is important to read the Property Website carefully, as it is easy to get one property confused with another.

I am travelling with an infant, do you have…?  Do you require high chairs, car seats, crib etc. for your infant while you are here? As everyone’s infants are of different ages and sizes and have different requirements we do not supply any baby gear in our holiday rental properties. There is a local company in town, Snugglebug Baby Gear, and they will be able to sort you out with sleeping, hiking, feeding, safety and playing gear.

Can I check in early? The Check In Time is listed in your Confirmation Email. We do this so we have time to clean and prepare the property for you. Sometimes we can accommodate an early check in but it does depend on our cleaning schedule.

Can I check out late? The Check Out Time is listed in your Confirmation Email. A charge will be billed for all departures after 11:15 am. We have our cleaning staff scheduled and ready to clean at 11:00 am. Usually our cleaning staffs are busy cleaning properties all day. Their time is valuable so any late check outs delay their day and their ability to get everything done on time for the next guests. Because of this, we greatly appreciate guests who check out on time.