FAQ for Banff/Canmore

Please also see our General FAQ for information about our company, booking policies, etc.

Do you have Vacation Rental Units in Banff/Lake Louise? Unfortunately, no. Banff and Lake Louise are located inside the boundaries of Banff National Park, and Vacation Rental Units are not permitted inside the Park Boundaries.  Canmore is located directly outside the National Park, and has the same great views and outdoor lifestyle.  Canmore has it’s own Vacation Rental Restrictions (see below).

Do you provide a National Park Pass? We are sorry — we can’t.  Park Passes are Non-Transferable, so we can’t share our Resident’s Pass with our visitors.  Plus, the Park Fees are the magic behind why the National Park is so well preserved.  So we like to think of it less like a “Fee”, and more of a donation towards protecting the area for future generations to enjoy.

Do you provide Baby Gear? Very few properties will have Baby Gear inside the unit (check the Unit Description), but that doesn’t mean you have to lug everything here with you.  There is a local Baby Gear Rental Company: Snuggle Bug Baby Gear.

I’d like to visit for 3 nights, but the property I like has a 28-night Minimum Stay? Some properties have a Rental Restriction imposed by the Local Municipality, or a Condo Association.  You can choose to stay for the shorter time period, but the price will be equal to the 28-Night Minimum Stay.  Our advice: just stay longer, or come back next weekend, too.  It’s your unit for an entire 28 days … might as well enjoy it!