Choosing a Property

We spend a great deal of time speaking with our potential guests to make sure they are choosing the right property for their needs. Sometimes, this takes hours as we highlight every walking trail and restaurant in the area.  If a guest keeps asking us questions, we will keep answering them.

Is a vacation rental right for me?

Only you know the answer to that question. Here are some things to consider:

  • How long are you visiting? Typically, vacation rentals are enjoyed by people staying 2 or more nights, and you will find many properties have a minimum night’s stay. The longer you stay, the lower the nightly rate.
  • How many people are you travelling with? Vacation Rentals tend to be larger than a standard hotel room, and can offer great value when travelling with others. Perhaps you want grandpa to be nearby, but not snoring in the hotel bed two feet away.
  • Are you travelling with children? Put the kids to bed in their own bedroom, while mom and dad enjoy a movie.  Many vacation rentals also supply books, games, movies, cribs, toys, you name it!
  • Do you like to eat? At a vacation rental, you can benefit from making your own meals.  Eating out for every meal can be costly while on vacation.
  • Do you like to get good value? At a vacation rental, you can benefit from making your own meals.  Eating out for every meal can be costly while on vacation. Even if you like to eat out, just having snacks and cold beverages available can make a large difference in your travel budget.

If you are only visiting for a night or two, a hotel would likely be a better choice.  If you like personal service and unique accommodations, a Bed & Breakfast or Inn is a better choice for a 1 or 2 night stay. The longer you are visiting and the larger the group, the more sense a vacation rental property makes.

Can I stay for fewer nights than the minimum night stay? We can put you on a wait list in case the minimum stay is shortened or we add a new property to our inventory that has a shorter minimum stay. We can also keep you on the wait list in case we can ‘Split the Week’. What we mean by split the week is we get one guest who wants to stay Monday to Wednesday and another guest who wants to stay Thursday to Sunday but the minimum stay is 6 nights. What we can do is take bookings for both guests and the reservations together will add up to the minimum 6 night stay. There will be an extra clean required and the cost of the clean will be split up between the two guests based on the number of nights booked by each guest.

The advertising site says it’s a 2-night Min Stay? There are different rates and terms on all sites. We also reduce the minimum stays if there is only a couple of nights left between bookings. The best rates/terms can be found at RR. If you find better rates/terms somewhere else, let us know. Check out the Best Price Guarantee.

The online calendar says it’s available but you’re telling me it’s not? There are sometimes delays in syncing Online Calendars. If we say it’s not available, it’s really not available. We generally like to rent available spaces, so we have no reason to make it up.

Is there a hot tub?  Would you want to live next to a house hosting a Hot Tub party every weekend?  Probably Not.  And that is the reason none of our Private Homes have Hot Tubs.  Some condo-style units will have shared hot tubs or other shared recreational facilities.

If you are in need of a soak we suggest you visit the Banff Hot Springs. In Canmore, Elevation Place has an indoor lap pool, water slide, spa and sauna.

Can we rent a hot tub? See above.  It wouldn’t be cool to rent a Hot Tub, and leave us to deal with the utility bill, and really upset neighbors. You’d be risking our Operating License, and we wouldn’t be very happy about that.

The Maximum Occupancy is list as 8 Guests, but we have 10 Guests.  Can you provide some air mattresses and extra blankets/towels/dishes? Our Operating License stipulates that the Maximum Occupancy cannot be exceeded at any time.  Our insurance only covers registered guests.  So unfortunately, this rules out any event where the maximum occupancy will be exceeded.
… but we are really clean! … but we can’t find anywhere else to stay! … but we will pay extra! … but that’s not fair! There are not any exceptions, and here is why: The HomeOwner is relying on rentals to pay for their home, and our Staff are relying on us having an Operating License to provide employment for them.  We would be risking people’s livelihoods.  So, the answer is no.

Why can’t I host an event?
Technically, you can!  But the Guest Count needs to stay within the Maximum Occupancy.  We get it! These are cool properties, and you’d like to have a few people over to have a good time. We don’t want to limit having fun, but each property has a Maximum Occupancy that must be followed. This includes anyone (adults and children) sleeping there, stopping by for 2 minutes or 2 hours.
… but they won’t be staying over!
Think of it like Night Club. The Maximum Occupancy doesn’t change if some of the Guests aren’t drinking. Maximum Occupancy is the maximum number of people that can inside the property at any one time. Even if they aren’t staying over. Even if they are children. Even if it’s your cousin’s new girlfriend that you really don’t like anyway.

Can I bring my pet?  Pets are only allowed at Pet Friendly properties.  Please check the Property Website to see if pets are allowed.