Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policies vary by rate, season, length of stay, and property. Please review the Cancellation Policy for your specific Rental Agreement, and ask us any questions you may have before paying any deposits.

Should I buy Travel Insurance for my Short Term Stay? If you would be disappointed to have your plans change, and still be responsible to honour the Cancellation Policy, Yes! It’s like insuring a car/house — if you would be disappointed to lose any portion of the value of your car/house in an accident, you should buy insurance.

What if I need to cancel a Mid Term or Long Term Stay? The Residential Tenancies Act will apply.

I made a Rental Agreement through a 3rd Party (HomeAway, TripAdvisor, AirBNB). How do I cancel? 3rd Party Rental Agreements must be cancelled through the 3rd Party Website. Unfortunately, we won’t cancel the Rental Agreement on your behalf because we receive a stiff penalty for cancelling 3rd Party Rental Agreements.

We had an emergency, and it’s not our fault! Why won’t you give us a full refund? All emergencies are unexpected, and are often no one’s fault.  So please don’t think we are heartless when you are disappointed that we have followed the Cancellation Policy stated on your specific Rental Agreement.  We have put our Rental Grant in place to help people who have unexpected emergencies.

Can I change the dates on my Rental Agreement?  Dates can be changed to be earlier than the original Rental Agreement Dates, at the same property, if available.  The full amount originally paid will be converted to a Rent Credit, and can be used towards a new Rental Agreement.

Can I change the property on my Rental Agreement?  Unfortunately, probably not … but you can ask, and we will do our best to honour your request. Each property has a different owner. The Owner who just lost their Rental Income may not be too pleased.  Sometimes we have people on the Wait List, and we can easily fill the spot left vacant at the original property.  We will try our best, but we make no promises. If changing the property is not possible, the regular Cancellation Policy will apply.

Hotels allow me to cancel my Short Term Rental up until the day of arrival, with a full refund. Why won’t you? Properties that have a large number of identical units (like a Hotel or Resort) will often oversell because they know that a small percentage of people will cancel.  Because of this, Hotels/Resorts have more lenient cancellation policies.  When you cancel your reservation for 1 unit in a 100 unit building , the owner has lost 1% of their income (0% of they oversold).  We don’t oversell our units.  We reserve the exact unique unit you have selected, and hold the property in anticipation of your arrival.