After your Stay

Whoops, I left something behind! Can I get my favourite things back? Guests can fill out our lost and found form and we can arrange postage for any items lost and found during your stay. Please let us know within two weeks if you would like the items returned. Unclaimed items will be donated to the local Thrift Store.

Whoops, I took something that doesn’t belong to me! How do I return it? Let us know immediately, and we will send instructions.  Please don’t mail it to the property (it doesn’t have a mailbox), or leave it outside (no one lives there).

I paid a Damage Deposit through an Online Travel Agent (HomeAway, VRBO). How do I get my money back? Fun Fact: The Business Model for many of the Online Travel Sites relies on the interest earned by holding your Damage Deposit between the day you pay it (one month prior to arrival) and 2 weeks after your stay.  The money is invested into some type of Short Term Investment that we don’t understand.  Our Staff release the Damage Deposit to be returned to you within 3 days of your departure.  If you haven’t seen the payment refund yet, please call the Online Travel Agent.