About Us

Our main goal in business (and in life) is to help people find joy.

… Sometimes it’s the joy of Financial Independence.
… Sometimes it’s the joy of visiting the Mountains.
… Sometimes it’s the joy of getting paid to travel.

That’s what we do: encourage people to figure out their joy, and have more time available for more joy.
Joy — we sprinkle that $%!^ on everything.

Who we are, and what do we do?
Rockies Rentals assists Property Owners and Lifestyle Investors with selecting and taking care of their Mountain Investment.  We manage privately owned fully-furnished properties in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and help New Buyers and New Investors with their Mountain Lifestyle Investment Purchase.

What can an Owner expect?
Our clients have come to expect customized service provided by people who generally care about the happiness and success of others. Our Clients can expect prompt attention, and probably some humour in the form of puns. Funny Cat Videos should also be expected.

What specific services do you provide for Owners?
Answer: A lot!  Click here for a long list.

What are the future goals of your business?
We’d like to add more Private Homes to our inventory, and expand our services at the Rockies Rentals Store. There is a large demand in Short Term Rental Accommodation (specifically large private homes), and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of a family vacation full of memories. We have smaller units, too … but we really love being part of a great experience for a large group.

Why would someone want to rent their home on a short-term basis?
The biggest advantage for most homeowners is that they can still enjoy the property between paid rentals. With a long-term rental, homeowners no longer have access to their home. We encourage owners to personally use their mountain home. Many owners are looking to invest in their future – an owner can buy a property at today’s value, use it personally as much or as little as they’d like, allow someone else to pay for it, and then retire to their chosen destination.  In some cases, an owner might need to sell their property due to financial limitations, and renting in the short term buys some time while waiting for a better time to sell. Most homeowners will tell you that selling their home is a last resort. We make it easy for homeowners to own multiple properties.

Why hire a Vacation Rental Manager, versus Self-Managing?
It is actually more economical to have a manager take care of the property. Our owners benefit from economies of scale – we buy advertising, and supplies, in bulk and pass those savings onto the owner. We have Reservations & On Call Staff, Toll Free Numbers, online booking, and more already in place. Most homeowners will spend years just learning the industry, and will stumble through many errors along the way. A homeowner can save themselves a great deal of time and stress by allowing us to do what we do best.