Our Services

Our Company Name may be “Rockies Rentals”, but you don’t need a Rental Property to use our services.

Our main goal in business (and in life) is to help people find joy.  Sometimes that means the joy of Financial Independence from investing in Real Estate; sometimes it means the joy of visiting your Mountain Property; sometimes it means travelling away from Canmore (and knowing your home is secure in your absence, and your pet is loved).
We are here to help all Owners succeed.
Because we all succeed when we all succeed! 

At Rockies Rentals, we offer Owners the personal service associated with working one-on-one matched with the security of using a professional service. Happy guests and owners have always been the foundation for our success. We have a handful of guests and owners to accommodate, so we can focus on making your experience the best possible.  And since we know a lot about properties, we also assist owners in purchasing new properties, or taking care of their property while they are away. We offer a range of services to accommodate the different involvement levels of owners. 

Vacation Rental Listing: Some amazing advantages to listing your unit on RockiesRentals.ca:

  • On Call Services: You can include our Contact Information for your Onsite Guests (yeah … even the ones you booked yourself). Most calls are easily handled quickly via phone. If we are unable to assist the Guest, we will call you.  Guests are much more patient if they know someone is working on the issue, and now you don’t have to be tied to your phone all the time.
  • Reservations Office: Real Canmore-Based Humans answer our calls. So, when your unit has a Confirmed 2-Night Reservation in place, and another Guest wants a 7-Night Stay for overlapping dates, we will offer the 2-Night Guest an upgraded unit (at our expense, when available and within reason), and you get the more profitable 7-night reservation. 
  • Advertising Galore: We take reservations for a number of area properties, which means we have a lot of ads bringing us leads every day.  Guests can call one number and find a list of suitable units.
  • Multiple Listing Service: We have access to a lot of Canmore Vacation Rental Inventory.  So, when your unit has an unexpected emergency, we can usually find alternate accommodation for your Confirmed Guests. Heck, you can even decide that you want to use the unit personally, and we will find upgraded accommodation for the Guest.  You can’t do that with the International Vacation Rental Sites!
  • Professional Look: A Rockies Rentals Listing includes Professional Photography*, a Virtual Online Tour*, Floor Plans*, and Photo Staging at our expense.
  • Guest Contact Info: No hidden email addresses. We don’t monitor your correspondence with your guests. If you already manage a Vacation Rental, you know who we’re talking about …
  • No $$ Up Front: We collect the Annual Listing Fee on the December 31 Invoice of each Calendar Year. So yeah, we are going to pay for all of the Photography before we collect a dime.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If we didn’t confirm at least 10X the Listing Fee Value in reservations in the Calendar year, the Listing Fee is waived.  We are that confident in our ability to fill Vacation Rental units.
  • You are now part of the Rockies Rentals Family:
    • We keep track of Green & Red Listed Guests. Green = GoodRed = Not So Good.
    • If we find a deal on something, we will offer owners a Bulk Order. …. and we are really good at finding deals!
    • You will be invited to our Annual Costco Extravaganza!  We rent a big truck , and buy-buy-buy for all units.  Then we drive around Canmore and deliver presents of Toilet Paper, and more.
    • If we pick up a great tip, we will share it. This is who we are at our core.  And we can’t NOT be us.

What will it cost you?
Listing Fee:
$299/year (<1000 square feet) to $699/year (>5000+ square feet)
Booking Commission: 10% of Reservations confirmed by the Rockies Rentals Dream Team. Collected from the Guest at the time of booking.
The Fine Print:
*Rockies Rentals maintains the Copyright for all photography and related materials.  Photos cannot be used on other Listing Sites. Because we said so.

Emergency Cleaning/Concierge Services: When we say ‘Emergency’, we mean it! When your Cleaner doesn’t show up (or you forgot to schedule a cleaning). When your neighbour calls because 8 vehicles full of teenagers just pulled up to your unit with a sleeve of Red Solo Cups and enough Beer Kegs to build a wall.  When you need a Real Human to respond in person to a sticky situation, we will bail you out quickly and professionally.
What will it cost you?
$67.50/Hour Cleaning/Concierge
The Fine Print: We will only bail you out 2 times per year. By the 3rd time, you really need to ask yourself why we aren’t managing your unit while you sit on a beach drinking Mai Tais (or whatever strikes your fancy).

Second Home Management:
Do you have a Second Home in Canmore that you or your family/friends use frequently?  Or do you travel for extended periods of time?

  • We will automatically send your visitors Arrival Information, including Directions, Access Codes, Check In/Out Reminders specific to your unit.
  • We will automatically check on the property if it has been vacant for 7 Days between Personal Stays or Visitors.
  • We will check your mail, and send a picture of Received Envelopes. If something looks important, you can advise us to open it and we will scan you the contents.

What will it cost you?
$1250/year or $125/month. The same amount you’d pay to have someone check on your Vacant Home, except we do a lot more than just flush toilets and check for Squirrels weekly.

New Property Acquisition:
Are you buying a home in Canmore? We can help!

  • Are you buying an Investment Property? Contact us first! 
    • We are the first to know if a Local Owner wants to sell their existing Investment Property.
    • We know which properties have more revenue potential than others.
    • Plus, we buy and sell so many properties that our Real Estate Professionals treat our contacts really well. Even better than the already high level of standard to which they naturally hold themselves.
  • Do you need some guidance on getting your home set up? We have printed guides for Utilities, Mail Boxes, Internet, Phone, Cable/Satellite. 
  • Do you need a hook up with Local Vendors? Locksmith, Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, IT Services
  • Did you buy your home furnished, and now have a pile of stuff to take to the Thrift Store? We love this activity so much, that we don’t charge for it.  Really. You don’t even need to be a client.  We sell some of the stuff to cover our costs; some stuff gets redirected to our Staff or Client Properties, everyone is happy.

What will it cost you?
Depends on how much you need us to do.  Let us know what you need.
Most fees are waived if you use our Service Providers.  They pay us a Referral Fee.  So yeah, you could buy a property through one of our trusted Real Estate Agents, and then we would provide these services at no cost to you.  The cost is covered by the Real Estate Agent Referral Fee. … and they are more than happy to pay us a referral, and have a super happy client and an easy real estate transaction.

House/Pet Sitting:
Technically, this isn’t an official service of our company.  However, our staff really likes House Sitting, and they really love pets.  We even have an office cat named ZeZe.

  • Our Staff are Trustworthy.  They have access to about $10 million dollars worth of Real Estate. They wouldn’t work for us if they didn’t have a High Level of Trustworthiness.
  • Our staff  have Property Management Experience, because that’s what we do around here every day.  So they know how homes operate, and how to keep them maintained.
  • All of our Staff are Cat Lovers, who cannot have their own cat (usually due to rental situations, or extensive personal travel)
  • They often would be happy to escape their Roommates or Small Apartment for a while.  And they all love meeting people, and helping people.

What will it cost you?
You can negotiate that with the person we refer to you.
It’s usually free, but Thank You Gifts are kindly accepted.

Vacation Rental Management:

We could list all of the things that our Management Services include (advertising, photography, Credit Card Fees, just to name a few), but it would be a long list. It is easier to list what isn’t included:

  • Major Maintenance: Things that require electricians and plumbers, or specialty equipment. Minor Maintenance is included — if we have the skills, we will do it. 
  • Consumables: Toilet Paper, Tissue, Light Bulbs, etc.
  • Furniture, Appliances, Linens: Your unit should be Fully Furnished.  We have great suppliers, and can probably find you great deals … but the expense belongs to you.

What will it cost you?
25% Booking Commission + Cleaning Services ($45/Hour Cleaning, $1.75/lb Off Site Laundry) + 15% Mark Up on any Out-Of-Pocket purchases on your behalf
The Fine Print: The relationship between Home Owner and Vacation Rental Manager is like a marriage. Heck … we literally control access to your home, and manage a majority of your Home Expenses.  Does anything sound more like a Spouse? We get asked out on lots of “dates”, and can quickly assess which Home Owner Suitors are “marriage material” (so to speak).  Would you tell the Popular Girl that you think she is only worth dinner at a Fast Food Joint? Nope … because starting a relationship by telling someone how little you think they’re worth is the start of a really unhealthy relationship.