Making a Reservation

Is it safe to reserve online?

The short answer: With us, Yes. But how do you know? We could tell you anything!

The long answer: Any time you book a vacation rental, you should use good judgement.  Anyone with pretty real estate photos can happily take your money.  But how can you be sure the property actually exists, and is as advertised?  A good practice is to only reserve properties that offer Online Booking through a 3rd party Website (HomeAway, AirBNB, TripAdvisor). Those companies hold onto your $$ until you have arrived at the property, so advertisers have an incentive to make sure everything is groovy.  If you are a frugal traveller, make your final reservation direct with the advertiser for the Best Price.

How do I make a reservation?

You can book with Rockies Rentals directly via phone, email or online. Booking with Rockies Rentals directly is often cheaper as we do not charge booking fees like third party websites. The damage deposit is held rather than charged on your card. All payments are handled by Rockies Rentals.

You may have also found our properties advertised on various third party booking site. Each site works slightly differently than one another.

Booking with HomeAway/VRBO: All payments are processed by HomeAway and released to Rockies Rentals on the day of your arrival. The damage deposit is charged to your card and then refunded after your stay. There is a service fee of around 6% and this includes their ‘Booking with Confidence Guarantee’:

Booking with Trip Advisor: All payments are processed by TripAdvisor and released to Rockies Rentals on the day of your arrival. The damage deposit is charge to your card and then refunded after your stay. There is booking fee that ranges from 5% to 20% of the total booking value and is charged to the guest. According to TripAdvisor, ‘The fee helps us run our secure platform, provide travelers with 24-hour customer support and give them the peace of mind that the transaction is safe.’

Booking with OwnerDirect: The Guest pays a 10% Match Fee directly to OwnerDirect at the time of booking.  Remaining payments are processed by Rockies Rentals. The Match Fee covers the cost of providing 24/7 customer support, enhanced site and mobile features for both owner and travelers, plus expanded marketing efforts to generate more exposure to global audiences.

Once your reservation is processed, we will send confirmation by email. Please verify the details in your Confirmation Email (dates, property, rates). If there are any errors, please notify us immediately (and within 24 hours) so the error can be corrected.Reservations are subject to minimum stays requirements, age restrictions, and other factors. Submitting a Booking Request does not guarantee a reservation. Once we receive this completed Booking Request, we will process your reservation.   Each Booking Request is subject to review to ensure that the property you have selected is a good match for your group.