Cancelling or Changing a Reservation

Please read through all Cancellation Policies thoroughly, and ask us any questions you may have before finalizing a reservation. If you think your plans could change, please buy Travel Insurance or book a property with a looser cancellation policy.

Cancelling a Rockies Rentals Reservation: The Cancellation Policy for each property can be found on the property website. Properties that have a large number of identical units will have looser cancellation policies.  When you cancel your reservation for 1 unit in a 100 unit building , the owner has lost 1% of their income.  Many of our most popular units have only one of each unit available.  When you cancel your reservation for a unique property, the owner has lost 100% of their income.

Cancelling a 3rd Party Reservation (HomeAway, TripAdvisor, AirBNB): The Cancellation Policy can be found on the 3rd Party website.

Why won’t you give us a refund? We had an emergency, and it’s not our fault! We didn’t know we would have an emergency! Well, it’s not really our fault either, is it? All emergencies are unexpected.  We have a contractual obligation to the owners of the property to pay for dates that were blocked, even when they weren’t used.  We have an obligation to pay our Staff for work that they have performed. We have an obligation to pay the 3rd party Website. We have an obligation to honour our Cancellation Policies in order to prevent Travel Insurance fraud.  So please don’t think we are heartless when we can’t refund you regardless of the reason you are cancelling.

Can I change the dates of my stay?  You can move your reservation to earlier dates at the same property, if available.  If the rate is higher, the difference in rate will be charged. Little Tip: If you need to cancel your reservation, and you are unlikely to receive a refund, move the reservation to an earlier date so that you are only out-of-pocket the lower amount.

Can I move my reservation to a different property?  Unfortunately, probably not … but you can ask, and we will do our best to honour your request. Each property has a different owner, and we have to pay that owner for blocking their property.  We’re probably not going to be too eager to pay for two different properties, when you only need one.  Sometimes we have people on the Wait List, and we can easily fill the spot left vacant at the property you originally booked.  We will try our best, but we make no promises.