During your stay

We have a property emergency! Now what? If it is an emergency that requires emergency services (ambulance, police, fire brigade), please dial 911 immediately. There is a hospital, fire station and police station in Canmore. The location of the first aid kit and the address of your property are located in the guest directory in the kitchen.

Every property is different so in your Guest Directory in the kitchen there is a troubleshooting manual that is specific for your property.

If you are having a serious issue with your property, such as, flooding, plumbing, electrical, you are locked out etc., please refer to the Guest Directory or Arrival Information Email.

If you are having not-so-serious problems such as turning on the coffee machine, figuring out the TV, locating your park pass etc., we would greatly appreciate it if you called us during regular business hours.

Uh Oh! We broke/stained/misplaced something during our visit. Should we try to hide it so that we don’t get hit with a big charge? Remember what your parents said: Honesty is always the best policy. Telling us in advance allows us to prepare to fix/clean/purchase the ‘something’.  We understand that accidents happen. Guest are only charged for damage if they were truly negligent, and deceitful.  We are an honest bunch, and we expect our Guests to be the same. Just tell us.  It’s less stress for everyone involved.