Dream Team

Rockies Rentals is a small company that prides itself on personal service. Get to know the staff that make your dream vacation a reality!

Charla: Operations & Owner Relations 

An entrepreneur from a young age, it was only a matter of time before Charla would start her own business.  Charla moved to the Bow Valley in 1998 after studying Hotel Management in Canada and abroad.  The majestic Canadian Rockies were the perfect location to put all that education into practice.  What began as “I’m only staying for 6 months” quickly turned into “why would I live anywhere else?”. In 2002, she bought her first vacation rental property.  Late 2005 saw the addition of a 2nd investment property.  In 2008, Rockies Rentals was officially launched, and was quickly followed by many-many-many more properties.

These days, Charla travels extensively — usually between the Alberta and Ontario Properties, or farther afield when at a speaking event. Charla is the Operations & Numbers Geek, and has mastered the technology that keeps everything running smoothly.  Looking to buy Real Estate that pays for itself? Call Charla.

Sean: Technology Whisperer

Sean graduated from Hotel & Restaurant Management in Ontario, Canada in 1998.  He moved to the Bow Valley just days after graduating after accepting a position with Canadian Pacific Hotels (now the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel).  After excelling in Food & Beverage Management positions, he followed his true passion to a position in the Information Technology Department.  Sean has worked internationally as a computer geek over the years, and has now returned to his home in Canmore.

With this many properties all decked out with computers, internet, stereos, and more — not too mention the website and office gadgets — maintaining the technology at Rockies Rentals is almost a full-time job. Rockies Rentals is grateful to have their very own “Technology Whisperer”. Sean can usually be heard saying “have you tried turning it off, and back on again?”.

Raman: Virtually Amazing Assistant

Raman leads our Virtual Office Team, based in India.  Raman is the first point of contact for most Guests who contact us through online travel sites.  In addition, Raman takes care of keeping all reservations records in order, assigns Access Codes, and ensures that Guests receive the information they need to enjoy their visit.

Cleaning Crew

Rockies Rentals would be bankrupt if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of everyone on the Cleaning Crew.  Have you ever cleaned a 7500 square foot house from top to bottom (including laundry) in only 5 hours?  They have!  Can you fold a fitted sheet in less than 5 seconds with perfect precision? They can! They are rarely seen, but every guest has experienced the care each crew member puts into preparing the properties for guest arrival.  Those towels don’t fold themselves, you know!

Jess: Happiness Administrator & Chief Dream Weaver

Jess is the first point of contact for many of our visitors.  Jess left Australia in 2015 in pursuit of the mountain lifestyle.  After a lengthy road trip around North America in her Camper Van “Olive”, she discovered that Canmore was the place to be.  She joined the team in 2016, and we’ve signed her to a lifelong commitment because she is too valuable to lose.

Jess takes most of the reservations, answers questions, arranges maintenance, and keeps the rest of us operating efficiently.

Jess’s Desk is located where the Laundry is processed. Did you think you could hear a dryer in the background of your call?  Yup … then you’ve definitely reached the right office.

Diane: Queen of Clean & Vacation Rental Super Hero

Diane moved to Canmore in 2011 and started her own Cleaning Company, working on contract for Rockies Rentals and other local clients. It didn’t take long to realize that Diane was special, and would be a valuable asset to any team.  In 2015, Diane wrapped up operations at her cleaning service and came on full time at Rockies Rentals. Diane’s main responsibility is keeping the Cleaning Crew operating efficiently.

Diane’s Super Hero title is well deserved!  Diane loves being On Call to assist our guests with odds issues after hours.  She is an excellent problem solver, and cares very deeply about the service offered to our clients and guests. We honestly don’t know how she gets it all done, but we know she definitely needs a super hero cape.